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Turtle Straws magic list.

I haven't spun a good yarn in some time so here are a few original tips to a more sustainable lifestyle and some general life hacks.

1. Leave your bag for life on your door handle. Makes taking it to the shops more likely.

2. Just because "Sustainability" is written on something don't take that as fact. Sustainability is a marketing buzzword like "Healthy" or "Gourmet". How often do we see these words written on things that clearly aren't heathy or gourmet.

3. Read let my people go surfing by Yvon Chouinard. No matter who you are it will impact your life in some way.

4. The Toilet cubicle closest the door is the most seldom used.

5. Paper comes from trees. Trees take Co2 out of our atmosphere.

6. Rather than cover leftovers with clingfilm use a plate.

7. Read Atomic Habits by James Clear. This isn't a book about climate change, but if everyone adopted his principles to changing our habits we would beat this problem very quickly.

8. Be nice to vegans. They are trying their best.

9. Vegans be nice to muggles, they are trying their best.

10. Doing something is better than doing nothing in all aspects of your life.

11. If you haven't been to Amazon to get yourself some Turtle Straws... What are you waiting for!

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