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The Apocalypse Round-Up

We decided to ping together some of the things that have caught our attention in recent weeks while we have been shut at home and all the bars have been closed (meaning that they don't need straws, not that we can't go drinking in them).

1. Salt Shed - feeding 800 NHS staff for free.

Salt Shed is a food outlet in Box Park, Shoreditch, serving up hot smoke pastrami and handpressed beef burgers, they do chips as well, so unless you have a potato allergy they cater for everyone, now the F&B industry has been hit by this pandemic. What do Salt Shed, do they put on their capes and they become heroes, working with so they can help key workers during this crisis.

Dr Turpie with his Burgers. Salt Shed also use Bagasse pulp packaging rather than your standard Polystyrene.

Seafoam PR went full time, they have previously done a large amount of work for Turtle Straws, gaining regional coverage that has hugely increased our brand awareness. They have made us sit back and think about why we do what we do and we want our message to get to.

This is from Seafoam's director on Values based PR.

In a world where we have news and information hurled at us from every direction on a 24-7 basis it can become impossible to process even the content we are actively looking for. It’s also increasingly difficult to decipher truth from propaganda - an issue that we are only just becoming aware of as citizen journalism snowballs with the global takeover of social media. The speed of the news agenda can be frightening and only compounds misinformation and subsequent distrust in the media and consumer environment. Values-based PR aims to offer greater connectedness between stakeholders and the businesses values, creating two-way conversation and a relationship of trust.

I just thought that these guys are great and they really believe in what they are doing enough to kick it all off in the middle of a global pandemic either signifies giant balls and belief or full insanity. I think it's the former.

This is a podcast where Sandy chats to men who have something to say, be it socks, design, yachting, professional windsurfing. With each guest he sometimes more, sometimes less touches on men's mental health because he rightly says that discussing how we feel and removing the stigma of talking about it is one of the best ways of dealing with it.

His recent super relevant interview is with Ollie Townsend, who is a climate change expert and in this interview they debunk some myths surrounding climate change and add some real perspective to it.

They also talk about the effect this pandemic has had on pollution levels and climate change as a whole. Ollie likens it to the planet going on a crash diet. He does however say that it is amazing how quickly pollution levels have dropped.

The take home message is that climate change is a very real and huge issue but at the same time we aren't all about to become extinct in the next 50 years, but the healing process is going to take a long, long time.

4. Representative Kent Calfee.

This bloke is a classic dad, he's also an American politician, he has be pictured drinking directly from a Hershey's chocolate syrup bottle. No he is not drinking the choccy sauce directly, he has repurposed the bottle as a water bottle.

He said that he wasn't going to spend $30-$40 on a bottle that he would probably just lose.

What I love about this is it so easy so simple, with a zero fucks given attitude that all men post 55 seem to have.

People have zoned in on him saying he's a weirdo, he is literally doing his bit and thats what we want you to do.

We want you to do your bit and while you are at home all it takes is sharing this post sending it to your friends and family joining the members section of the Turtle Straws website to sign up to our emails. Also you can bet your arse we will be seeing if we can get Kent a Turtle Straws bottle.

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