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Gluten and more.

Are Turtle Straws safe for people with coeliac's disease? Yes they are!


We have had third party tests carried out by Neogen Europe and Turtle Straws come in at less than 5ppm (Parts per million) of gluten. 

Under EU Guidelines a product or food is considered gluten free if it contains less than 20ppm of gluten. So Turtle Straws are absolutely fine for some with any kind of gluten intolerance to use. 

But they are made out of wheat! It does seem confusing. 


They are made from the stem of the wheat plant which is made up of cellulose plant cells, the gluten is held within the seed not the stem, that is why Turtle Straws come in with a gluten reading that is almost undetectable. 

Gluten isn't the only thing we are concerned about, toxins and pesticides are something we also don't want people to be sucking up through their Turtle Straws so SGS have checked our straws for a huge variety of substances that we have come up clean for. 

For a detailed look at what we have been tested for Click Here

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