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The Neilson Case Study

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Neilson are UK leaders in activity holidays, with a Mountain Collection of 11 Ski Hotels across The Alps and a Beach Club program that operates across 12 resorts and 4 countries.

In September last year Neilson decided to make the switch to Turtle Straws.

By December Turtle Straws had been delivered across their winter properties, and by May 2019 Turtle Straws were delivered across the whole program.

Neilson snapped their fingers, acknowledged the final ‘plastic’ straw and made one of the simplest and easy changes there is to make in the plastic reduction mission.

Working with Neilson we have been able to divert one million plastic straws from landfill, the ocean or other natural environments, with Turtle Straws being supplied in huge volumes beside the beach, the very frontline of this issue.

Iain Stevenson-Wood, Head of Hotel Operations and People said this on the transition to Turtle Straws.

“Looking after the sustainability of our brand and the places in which we operate, As a business we only felt it was in our control to eradicate the use of one use plastic from all our resorts. Having the ability to find a product that could remove plastic straws from our business whilst still being able to offer a sustainable and premium solution. We could not work with anyone better than Turtle Straws. Turtle Straws made it very easy to flip from plastic straws to a plastic free alternative in just a few days.

Our customers are so supportive of our fight against plastic as a whole and are impressed that we have found a suitable alternative for them to use whilst on holiday. We receive so much positive feedback about our swift action to move away from plastic straws.

We are now trialling and looking at our plastic cup alternatives and are hoping to roll out a product supplied by Turtle Straws so we can genuinely move away from one use plastic.”

Our goal is to help reduce single use plastic and improve the green credentials of businesses worldwide.

If you want to find out more about Neilson and their holidays head to over

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