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European Bartending School a Case Study

The European Bartending School (EBS) is the worlds leading bartending school, training the bartenders of the future. With over 50,000 graduates of their 4 week training course giving students the tools to be able to work in hospitality anywhere in the world.

We wanted to students, who are going to be the Bar Managers, Owners, Purchasers of the future, to not only learn about delicious cocktails and drinks, but to give them ideas about sustainable effective straws, that they could take with them into their careers.

So we moved Turtle Straws into 25 schools across 5 continents. The response was fantastic and Gavin Wrigley the Head of Education at EBS said, "I believe they are the best option on the market right now for a disposable solution. Many bars are going down the paper route which present more ecological and logistical problems and then there’s re-usable metal or plastic which in my mind creates a hygiene problem as many people won’t clean them thoroughly enough."

"I believe they are the best option on the market right now for a disposable solution," Gavin Wrigley Head of Education at EBS

At Turtle Straws our goal is to work with as many high quality brands who care about the planet and care about educating passing the message on. Our work with the EBS has been a huge success and the transition has been a smooth and easy process.

Our goal is to help reduce single use plastic and improve the green credentials of businesses worldwide.

If you want to find out more about the European Bartending School or even sign up for a course Click below.

And if you want yours to be the next business that switches to sustainable straws, hit the link below.

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