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Suncream, Sweatflop and Straws

So I'm currently running Turtle Straws from Greece. Why Greece? It just so happens it's where most of my clients are. It's also much cheaper for office rent than it is in the UK. So you'll imagine my horror when at 27, I went to buy suncream for the first time ever, €9.99 never even thought about it before and thats good value suncream, SPF 50, no messing.

"You're 27, how have you never bought your own suncream before?"

Previously when I worked overseas, by some form of magic we used to just end up being given suncream by the guests and the parents of the children we worked with (once a nanny always a nanny).

So at €9.99 I just bought it, because I have to, if I didn't I'd have burned alive, cooked and lobsterfied, walking carcinoma. Then I thought back to when I was 16-21 starting to make my own decisions regarding the health of my skin, unaware/belligerent to the effects of UV light 'I'll be alright". How long did it take me to realise that suncream was necessary for the prevention of skin cancer. A while.

Yet the other day I'm wearing flip flops, and my feet have become intensely sweaty, unpleasant and dangerous for my ankles. Barefoot was the instant solution, no more sweat flop. Took me 5 seconds not 5 years to fix the problem.

It made me think that no matter how apparent or expensive the problem we will fix it if and when it starts to effect us directly. With plastic pollution similar to skin cancer this may well be when it's already too late, the difference being no matter how riddled with cancer I was I would plough every last penny I had into fixing it, but yet with plastic and our planet we consistently see people looking for the cheapest easiest fix.

Turtle Straws are an easy 5sec solution that's worth the cost, so if you want some for your home head to Amazon. Or if you are a business owner and you are looking for a sustainable and easy fix get in touch or head to our shop.

Alex Bruce - Suncream wearer and perpetual shade dweller.

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