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Straw Lanka, Sustainable Passports and Striking for Climate.

It great to see lots of people coming together yesterday to push home the importance of climate reform to world governments.

I wasn't there though, why weren't you there you hypocritical Ba**ard!

Turtle Straws works directly in helping the the planet having a day off to shout and scream would have been great and to join people making there voices heard would have been great but thats not me. I believe that what we are actually doing at Turtle Straw and actually cracking on with the daily systems and processes would have been far better for our planet, climate and environment than marching on Portsmouth Guildhall yesterday.

What are you doing at the moment then Mr Turtle Straws Chief Scarecrow?

Besides all the normal bits making sure all interested have there samples, all our customers have straws, all our new straws currently being produced are of the finest quality.

We are also of to Sri Lanka today in fact to try and organise a supply chain out there and help do some plastic removal on the beaches there and possible even catch a wave while we were there, there is a reason behind why I created Turtle Straws, a love of the ocean and all the fun is has to offer us.

So you can imagine the picture on my face when I got to the check in desk and they told me that my passport runs out in 182 days (thats half the number of days in a year) or 11 days earlier than the airline deemed necessary to allow me to fly. Needless to say I am upset but working on a contingency plan. So here I am in Victoria thinking of things that would upset me almost as much/possibly more than, not being able to fly to Sri Lanka.

1. Being given a cup of tea that had had the milk put in first.

2. Seeing Wales win the RWC.

3. Ordering a Mojito for over £10 and having someone, put a paper straw in it.

Now you can't control the things that happen to you in life but you can control the way you feel about them, if you run a bar if you drink in bars or if you have ever looked at a straw order a sample.

Order a Sample

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