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Keep it simple, Sunshine!

I was listening to a Podcast (The Tim Ferriss Show - Kevin Systrom) where one of the co-founders of Instagram was talking about how they got Insta started and he kept saying 'Do the simple things first.' And it made me think of a conversation I have quite frequently, I shall provide some back story.

So currently I live in Vassiliki, Greece, I decided for the summer I would run Turtle Straws from here, my office rent is far cheaper than the UK, a cold beer on the beach in the sunshine at the end of the day costs €2 and it get windy between 4-6pm so I can go windsurfing and empty my mind entirely of straws for a couple of hours.

Now because I'm a random dude living in a windsurf resort hustling straws to the outsider looking in it can be slightly confusing.

'So are you looking for a job?' Confused person asks.

'Er no I already have job.' I reply.

'But what do you do for like work and money, don't you get bored?' There is a subtle irony of being asked by a seasonal worker when you are going to get a real job. I also don't get bored in the slightest, everyday I am working towards improving awareness for plastic pollution and reducing the number of plastic straws making there way into landfill and the ocean. Constantly learning about this space and crucial aspects of entrepreneurship, selling, marketing, managing logistics, the list is endless and I believe so strongly in this product and that it has the potential to change the world and that is because I have spent every single day learning about this process, learning about Turtle Straws, finding out more and more about plastic reduction and that is why I am not bored. Then the good question comes:

'How do you get stuff done.'

I do the simple stuff first, I see if anyone owes me any money, I make sure people have got their samples, I talk to the guys in logistics and book in any orders, I seek feedback on samples, the next thing I know is I'm flying, the whole day has blinked by and I have been a massively productive, because I did the simple things first.

Now the journey to reducing plastic use is a bit like this. The easiest thing you can do is to eliminate unsustainable straws from your life or your business, this is what the guys at Instagram were talking about. Do the simple stuff first. Turtle Straws are a simple, effective and easy switch to make. You can make the swap now, by clicking the link below.

Once you have done the simple stuff you can start to do the harder stuff and you'll be in full flow in no time at all.

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