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Excuse me, I meme this is a bit silly!

I saw this this meme, and I have seen similar messages popping up in various dark corners of the plastic free movement.

Which should actually be called 'plastic reduction movement.' (Mother Theresa would struggle to go plastic free in our world currently)

So before we dive in I'll let you in on a secret, I sell straws (if you hadn't guessed). So at this point I may seem slightly biased, but please hear me out.

Right so now the cats out of the bag or the tunas out of the tin, lets dive into it.

People aren't boycotting straws because its trendy.

Plastic straws are the easiest way to start reducing the amount of plastic you use, be it because you are a business or good person on your own just having a crack.

Lets look at this in a different way; Imagine a morbidly obese person, who desperately wants to be healthy and shift some weight, they go for a ten minute walk. Its not much especially for someone who can run a marathon, however for that individual its 100x better than sitting on the sofa for yet another evening. Now imagine that person got in from their ten minute walk and the marathon runner told them that what they had just done and was pointless. We would all be like you utter arsehole. It would quite possibly have a detrimental effect on that person's journey. They may give up all together.

This is the exact same message that is being put across by this meme. We need to be encouraging people to reduce their plastic use, so that in a years time they can run that 'marathon'.

Straws are the first step, the ten minute walk in the journey to less plastic, they are also something, unlike fishing nets that we have control over as a as business or an individual and if you want to make that first change, to go for that ten minute walk you can by clicking the link below.

or on Amazon.

Best regards,

Alex Bruce

Man who can't run a physical or metaphorical marathon

and who thinks this meme is silly.

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