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Salahuddin Ayubi Urdu Book (April-2022)




 . . the first Muslim King of India.[1]  The book was first published by the University of Delhi in 1978 as a small hand-set book by the name of 'Salah-u-d din Ayubi',[2] then followed by a reprint in 1984 in India. The same year, the book was published in New York under the title Salah-u-d din Ayubi by Macmillan Company of India.[3] After a series of writing[4] on the history of Delhi Sultanate, Khan Asif wrote a historical novel titled Salah-u-d din Ayubi in 1975.[5] . . . In a second part of the novel, called 'Salah-u-d din Ayubi and his Children' - written in 1978,[6] - he describes a fictional biography of the same historical personality as the first half of the novel. The second part was never published in India. Contents Asif's portrayal of Salah-ud-din, the Sultan of Delhi, as a man of impeccable Islamic belief, unlike the other religious monarchs of his time, such as Babur or Akbar, is both a personal as well as historical comment. The degree of critical understanding of Salah ud-din's ideas and the development of his state, his empire, as they evolved, is remarkable. While the world at large tends to pay lip service to the importance of Islam in world history, Salah-ud-din's image as the first Muslim king is part of a tradition of India's history which has been commonly taken to be a myth - it is not. Asif's representation of a very real Salah-ud-din as the 'first and only legitimate Islamic ruler' of India is, in this sense, representative of a broader critical tradition: one which is firmly established and extremely capable of challenging the conventional view that the history of India is the history of Hinduism. History of Salah-ud-din's rule and life Asif starts off his biography of Salah-ud-din with a description of his birth and background and the small kingdom that he built up. His mother was the daughter of Mahmud Shah, the ruler of Kabul. Salah-ud-din's father, who was his father's vizier, has a beautiful daughter whose name is Khair-un-Nissa. When he takes his father's daughter for a




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