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Why Turtle Straws are the best for customers.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

You have had a busy week, its Friday afternoon, you are thirsty, its warm outside the work day is nearly over. On your mind there is one thing, Mojito, the delicious rum based cocktail.

That moment arrives and your sitting on a sunny terrace the Mojito you have just ordered and spent £8.50 arrives, you take your first sip. The flavour of moist paper, not Mojito fills your mouth, you persevere through your drink, trying to think positively about the environmental benefits of paper over plastic. However during that time, your Straw that resembles the red and white spiral outside a barbershop, collapses rendering your Mojito undrinkable. You leave feeling mixture of dissatisfied and like a bad person for not being able to get behind the environmentally positive straws.

Rewind your receive your Mojito, there is a lovely golden coloured straw in your drink, you take a sip, the delicious combination of brown sugar, mint and rum fills your mouth you haven't even noticed the difference, you consider the sustainability factors of the straws, you find out this is a Turtle Straw made from straw and utilising a natural waste product, mind blown, you stay out happy consuming a few more beverages through these Turtle Straws, you go to be slightly inebriated but, happy and impressed that the establishment you are drinking at has put some thought into the types of straws they are using.

If you run a bar or restaurant or know of one and want scenario two to be what people experience, get in touch to order a sample now.

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